LloydsPharmacy consultation app case study

Create an MVP version of the online video consultation app for LloydsPharamcy Online doctor








2019 - 2020
Online doctor app design
Online doctor app design

My role

I worked on this project as a lead designer. I worked throughout the project from planning and requirements gathering to testing and implementation. I worked in a cross-functional team with two external agencies. Main areas of responsibility:

  • Research
  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Prototyping


The LloydsPharmacy online doctor is a branch of LloydsPharmacy that provides users with prescriptions for some conditions. Research from previous projects has given us insight that users think that the service provides face-to-face consultations. Users also search for conditions not covered by the current service.

Online doctor app design

The business had decided to extend the offer and wanted to create an online video consultation app, we team up with a startup that had an initial prototype of a consultation app.

Online doctor app design

The challenge

User journeys on the app

Test and improve user flows on the existing prototype

User journeys between website and app

Create an easy way for users to know when to choose a prescription service on the website and when to use the app

Post consultation journeys

Create an easy post-consultation journey with current MVP restrictions


We had research from the previous project, see more here, I looked it through with the lens of the new project and mapped out what was missing. We held initial sessions with all stakeholders to get everyone to agree on the scope.

Online doctor app design

Competitor analysis

I did competitor analyses of websites and apps to review user experience, service and functionality.


Our insights team prepared user interviews and surveys to understand what would be most important for the users. We prepared the questions that would be important for us when building the app.


This was a new product for us so we didn’t have any current data to look at, but we look at the data from the current service to see what we could learn.

User flows

We had workshops to understand the different steps in the user flow and how they come together.

Online doctor app design

I created a user flow which helped to visualise different ideas on how users will navigate through the website and the app.


We ran sessions with different teams to understand how the user journeys could work and how the technology behind them would work together.

Online doctor app design

User testing

Initial user testing of the prototype of the app has been done but it was not well documented, major findings were:

  • Book appointment needs to be improved
  • Many unnecessary steps and too much information

User stories

I draw up user stories for the team to visualise and have a better understanding of the users.

Online doctor app design



I ran ideation sessions with people across the business and sketched out ideas.

Online doctor app design
Online doctor app design

Low-fidelity prototypes

Ideas were validated and I created the full flow into low-fidelity prototypes to get to see better how it would work together and to get feedback.

Online doctor app design

Guerrilla user testing

There were many ideas on how to best book an appointment so I decided to create some low-fidelity prototypes of the different ideas and put them in front of users to get quick feedback.

Online doctor app design

High-fidelity prototypes

Iterating on test feedback, and implementing the changes in our high-fidelity prototypes. We got the new designs tested for more feedback.

Online doctor app design

Visual design

I explored different options for visual design for the app.

Online doctor app design


In the middle of this project, Covid hit we needed to get an MVP version out as soon as possible. We reprioritised and removed features where we could and drew up new temporary user journeys.

Users now had to go to the website to register and then download the app, instead of registering in the app. The MVP release was mainly going to be offered to existing pharmacy users, so only a low number of users needed to go through the registration journey on the website, so as MVP we decided that it was ok.

Final designs

The booking an appointment

Online doctor app design


Users could see the documents and their consultation notes.

Online doctor app design


In the first version of the app, users can only log in, if they need to register an account they have to go to the website.

Online doctor app design

Components being used in this project

Online doctor app design

Outcome and learnings

Users could easier book their appointment, have a consultation and pick up their treatment or download their documents. Initial feedback from users where positive.

Having Covid hit in the middle of the product made us re-priorities and made the feature list for the MVP even tighter. I believe this initially made the journey more complicated for the user but it allowed us to get the product live to get real user feedback.

I’ve leant the value of doing user testing and documenting it well before you start to find solutions. This is also important also when aligning the team on what and how to do things.

Online doctor app design